Problems with the LIFX software on iOS

I first want to say that I love my 10 LIFX bulbs when it works.

I am finding it difficult using the app on my iPhone and have resorted to used these bulbs and dumb bulbs (using the light switch). I feel like I got an alpha or beta version of this system instead of a production release.

Since I have kids, they usually turn the lights on and off via the switch. I have noticed that the application has to try to find the bulbs again. I sometimes have to keep clicking refresh for the app to see them, turn off the app and restart or turn off/on the lights themselves to be visible in the app. I also have to sometimes start from scratch and re-add the lights.

I keep losing the groups that I create. They will disappear and I have to keep recreating them. When this happens, sometimes the scene that I created doesn't work. I have to delete the old scene and create it again. Usually when I do that I trouble re-creating it again because the color temp is not recorded and have to guess what it was last time.

Is it a limitation of the bulb when using the Music Visualizer that they flash slow when playing fast music? Also when playing music on the iPhone with the LIFX, the volume of the phone goes way down. Additionally, do you have plans on being able to put the application in the background on iOS devices so that you can use other apps while the LIFX app uses the microphone for this feature or is it a limitation of the iOS? For example, it would be nice to be able to read email while LIFX app uses the Music Visualizer.

What sold me on this product was the demo in Kickstarter with all the cool features the lights had. I assumed with the manufacturing delay that they would have more time to create a solid application. I was disappointed with the lack of advertised features where not in the app. I look forward to seeing the firmware upgrade and adding the additional features.

I noticed in your advert you have the lights change color for alerts such as a phone call. I work from home and would love to have one light change color when I am talking on my iPhone and change back to white when I am off the phone.

I am sure that you are getting a lot of feedback and still trying to fulfill orders. I hope you have plans on quickly getting the bugs worked out and releasing the advertised features. Thanks.

Brian Baril

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Brian - exactly how I feel after getting my bulbs today. I mean, their own FAQ from November 2013 says "soon" "coming weeks" yet, we have nothing, surely the app developer isn't in Hong Kong packing the boxes himself, so why not work on the issues we have given them, and work on the features that were announced in the video, not broken apps, and features, ignoring the issues at hand. Give us a serious timeline that can be followed by the Dev, or the API so others can pick up from where LIFX is currently lacking?


I am not fussed on the cool features that have been shown on the video etc. I think its reasonable to accept they will come in time. The other issues that you've pointed out i.e. their usability, bulb discover or re-discovery is very important and need priority if it isn't already.

I haven't used it long enough (received today) to present an opinion yet. The initial connection did require fiddling around but it was tolerable. Lets see how it progresses.


Great Message Brian. Whilst I can accept some limitations in the software and bugs, the fact that there is no timing feature is quite disappointing from my perspective.

I, like many, am having network issues, This is made even more difficult by the fact that the reset doesn't appear to work (yes i am only flicking it over once). It just keeps re-connecting to the original network.

The music visualiser is a great concept (and lets be frank a selling point), but my guess is that this will never work unless they solve the lag issues (assuming the application is using the iPhone microphone),

At the moment it is.. a little embarrassing.


Totally agree.

I watched the kickstarter video again after i got my lights and noticed there was only one feature (music one) and it didnt work at all as i expected.

The video shows a significant number of functions which just are not there. I guess I am confused why we didnt know ahead of time these things would not be included? Maybe we did and i missed it?

At this point its alot of money to have paid for lights which turn on and off with an app and change colors. That is the only real functionality as of now.

Mike MacKinnon